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​​​A Public Company

Grace has established policies for governance by its Board of Directors, officers and employees. Grace adheres to legal and ethical considerations in the daily course of business. 

The Board has determined that all directors, with the exception of Mr. Festa and Mr. La Force, are independent under New York Stock Exchange rules. All members of each committee are independent. In addition, the Board has determined that all members of the Audit Committee are financial experts as defined by the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Committee Charters​


​Corporate Governance Policies and Code of Ethics

Grace has established corporate governance principles, business ethics and conflicts of interest policies to help employees in their daily business interactions. The policies reaffirm Grace's commitment to comply with all applicable laws and be governed by the highest level of business ethics. In addition, the company operates a confidential hotline and mailbox for use by employees, customers, vendors or other interested persons.

Committee Composition

Below is a summary of our committee structure and membership information.

Chairpersonchairperson.gif    Membermember.gif




Nominating & Governance

Corporate Responsibility

Robert F. Cummings, Jr.member.gifmember.gifmember.gifmember.gif
Diane H. Gulyasmember.gifchairperson.gifmember.gifmember.gif
Julie Fasone Holdermember.gifmember.gifmember.gifchairperson.gif
Jeffry N. Quinn member.gif​​ member.gif member.gif member.gif
Kathleen Grady Reilandmember.gifmember.gifmember.gifmember.gif
Henry R. Slackmember.gifmember.gifmember.gifmember.gif
Christopher J. Steffen member.gif​​ member.gif chairperson.gif member.gif
Mark Tomkins chairperson.gif​​ member.gif member.gif member.gif
Shlomo Yanai


Ethics and Integrity in Action Hotline Phone Numbers

As part of the company's Business Ethics Policies, the Board of Directors has established a confidential hotline that employees, customers, vendors or other interested persons can use to anonymously report violations of, or express concerns regarding compliance with, any of the company's ethics policies (including, but not limited to, any matters involving accounting, internal accounting controls, audit matters or fraud).

The hotline is available toll-free from more than 30 countries and is staffed 24x7 by multilingual case managers.

In addition to the hotline, you may express your concerns or inquire about Grace's Corporate Governance by contacting:

  1. Your normal contact at the company; or
  2. The General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer (listed below); or
  3. The Chair of the Audit Committee (listed below); or
  4. The Lead Independent Director (listed below).


Mark A. Shelnitz
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary & Chief Ethics Officer
7500 Grace Drive
Columbia, MD 21044
+1 410.531.4000

Mark E. Tomkins
Chairman of the Audit Committee of W. R. Grace & Co.
c/o 7500 Grace Drive
Columbia, MD 21044

+1 312.914.9799

Christopher J. Steffen
Lead Independent Director
c/o 7500 Grace Drive
Columbia, MD 21044

The Ethics and Integrity in Action Hotline is available toll-free by:

  1. First dialing an access code based on your location (see table below)
  2. Followed by the toll-free number: 866.458.3947.
Country Access Codes
Argentina0.800.555.4288 (Telecom) or
0.800.222.1288 (Telefonica) or
0.800.288.5288 (Spanish)
Australia1.800.551.155 (Optus) or
1.800.881.011 (Telstra)
Brazil0.800.890.0288 or
CanadaSimply dial the toll free number 866.458.3947.
Chile800.225.288 (AT&T Node) or
800.360.311 (Entel)
China108.888 (for Northern China) or
108.11 (for Southern and Central China)
Colombia01.800.911.0010 or
01.800.911.0011 (Spanish)
Hong Kong800.96.1111 (Hong Kong Telephone) or
800.93.2266 (New World Telephone)
ItalyThis code will become available shortly.
Japan00.539.111 (KDDI) or
00.663.5111 (Soft Bank Telecom) or
00.441.1111 (Soft Bank Telecom) or
00.348.11001 (NTT)
Korea0030.911 (Dacom) or
0072.911 (Telecom) or
0036.911 (ONSE)
Mexico01.800.112.2020 (Spanish) or
01.800.288.2872 or
New Zealand000.911
Peru0.800.70.088 (Americatel) or
0.800.50.288 (Telephonica) or
0.800.50.000 (Telephonica Spanish)
Russia363.2400 (Moscow and St. Petersburg)
8.10.800.110.1011 (primary code for other cities)
8.495.363.2400 or 8.812.363.2400
(alternate codes for other cities)
Singapore800.0111.111 (Sing Tel) or
800.0010.001 (Star Hub)
South Africa0.800.99.0123
Thailand1.800.000.133 or
UK0800.89.0011 (BT) or
0500.89.0011 (C&W)
USSimply dial the toll free number 866.458.3947.
Venezuela0.800.2255.288 or
0.800.552.6288 (Spanish)
Vietnam 1.201.0288


Alternate Contact Information
Regardless of country, interested persons can also report concerns via e-mail, postal service and Internet:


The Network, Inc.
333 Research Court
Norcross, GA 30092
United States

Web Address: