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​​​​​TRISYL® Silica for Edible Oils


TRISYL® silicas are recommended for refining of​ edible oils and fats to help improve quality and stability, and recommended for the following operations:
          • All animal and vegetable oils and fats refining
          • Selective removal of phospholipids
          • Removal of trace metals and soaps associated with the oil refining process
          • As an adsorbent agent for removing colloidal nickel and nickel soaps generated during hydrogenation. 
          • As an adsorbent agent for removing soaps generated during interesterification processes.
TRISYL® silicas have superior properties for removing polar contaminants. It also reduces costs and simplifies the entire refining process while minimizing the overall environmental footprint of your edible oil refining process.​​​ TRISYL® Silica helps to reduce water needed after primary centrifuges and minimize the need for bleaching earth.
TRISYL® silicas are available in a range of grades and packaging to meet a variety of processing requirements. 
​​Contact us​ to​ help you choose the grade best suited for your application.