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​​​​​​​​DARACLAR® 9000 HP - Silica Stabilizer for Beer

New product for haze-sensitive protein stabilization ​

​​DARACLAR® 9000 HP silica can help increase your productivity and decrease your overall beer stabilization and filtration costs by reducing your filter aid requirements, debottlenecking your filter capacity while meeting y​our beer stabilization requirements. 

          • Drop-in Solution - no down time, no CAPEX
          • Reduce water consumption by 60%* during filtration CIP cycles
          • Less DE required - reduced leachable metals and 50%* less solid waste
          • Improve productivity - more capacity, filtration throughput up to 139%*
          • Reduce overall filtration and stabilization costs by 25%*
          • Meets German purity law requirements

Contact your local Grace representative to learn how DARACLAR® 9000 HP silica can help your beer manufacturing process be more efficient and sustainable.​​​

*Examples only. Results by plant may vary.​