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A Better Perspective on Hydroprocessing

ART Hydroprocessing

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ART Hydroprocessing

This is ART Hydroprocessing

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This is ART Hydroprocessing

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Watch the video

Learn more about ART Hydroprocessing, the world's leading supplier of Hydroprocessing catalysts.

A Better Perspective on Hydroprocessing Catalysts

Advanced Refining Technologies LLC (ART), a Chevron and Grace joint venture, is a leading supplier of hydroprocessing catalysts used in production of cleaner fuels. ART offers a complete portfolio of resid hydrotreating, resid hydrocracking, hydrocracking, lubes hydroprocessing and distillate hydrotreating catalyst technologies through a global manufacturing network. ART combines Chevron's extensive expertise in refining operations, catalyst technology and development, process design leadership, and licensing with Grace's materials science, specialty chemical manufacturing, and global sales and technical service strengths to improve refiners' profitability through catalytic solutions that improve the quality and yields of fuels refined from a wide variety of feedstocks.

The ART team works seamlessly with Chevron Lummus Global, itself a joint venture between Chevron U.S.A. Inc. and Lummus Technology, which is a leading process technology licensor for refining hydroprocessing technologies and alternative source fuels.

Catalyst System Solutions

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