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CONSISTA® Polypropylene Catalysts

Specifically designed for UNIPOL® PP technology resin producers that want high product performance across a broad range of applications while optimizing reactor operability.

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The Most Versatile, Phthalate-Free Catalysts for Your Gas Phase Process Technology

A single catalyst to deliver product and operational performance for UNIPOL® polypropylene technology

The foundation of CONSISTA® catalysts is phthalate-free chemistry. Our scientists sought to create a phthalate-free catalyst that also provides high performance across a wide range of PP grades. With CONSISTA® catalysts, the promise has been delivered without compromising the range of products that can be produced.

CONSISTA® catalysts provide differentiated product performance across the broadest range of product applications to enable improved profit. CONSISTA® catalysts also offers catalytic routes for products with better performance than peroxide or mechanical routes. 

CONSISTA® catalysts are the exclusive polypropylene catalyst available only to UNIPOL® PP technology licensees. In addition, Grace is the only licensor to offer both proprietary catalysts and donors to pair with your fluidized bed process technology.

Our customers have used CONSISTA® catalysts across a variety of applications including:

  • Food packaging
  • Industrial packaging
  • Automotive
  • Medical, health and hygiene
  • Building and construction
  • Appliances
  • Consumer and houseware applications

A Versatile and Efficient Polypropylene Catalyst

Increasing sustainability concerns provide opportunities for more durable applications to reduce disposable products. Meanwhile, in the automotive industry, lighter weight and downgauging require stiffer polypropylene products. CONSISTA® catalysts help you meet all these needs.

You can design products with CONSISTA® catalysts that show low blooming, high MFR with high stiffness, high Melt Flow Rate (MFR) with low-temperature toughness, higher clarity and lower haze, lower heat seal initiation temperature, low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and improved taste and odor. 

Streamlining Your Gas Phase Process with CONSISTA® Catalysts

Downtime caused by poor catalyst transitions and operability issues, like sheeting caused by agglomeration, can wreak havoc on your plant’s productivity. Compared to conventional Ziegler-Natta catalysts, the high-performance CONSISTA® catalyst systems produce powder-stage resins that are more uniform in shape. The result is higher powder flow rates and higher powder settled bulk density that enables your plant to achieve higher production rates. The controlled morphology catalysts significantly reduce fines levels, further improving operability.

The CONSISTA® Catalysts Advantage

  • Non-phthalate-based catalyst chemistry
  • Excellent reactor operability and protection
  • Outstanding product performance in major application areas
  • Enables a reduction in resin manufacturing costs through less peroxide usage
  • Drop-in technology without capital investment with UNIPOL® Process Technology
  • Broader applicability to the entire product wheel than any other catalyst
  • Higher stiffness for homopolymer lightweighting
  • High clarity random co-polymers with low blooming
  • Lower haze for clarified random copolymer
  • State of art pipe, sheet and thermoforming applications
  • Improved taste-odor for food contact grades
  • Lower VOC, faster cycle time and high melt flow rate (MFR) grades for injection moulding

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