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LYNX® PE Catalysts

Unlock reliability and minimize transitions to produce a broad range of high value PE products 

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High-Performance Catalysts for HDPE

A catalyst system for bimodal pipe, film, and blow molding segments.

Today's markets are more demanding than ever - stronger and lighter packaging, more durable pipe, longer-lasting household products.  These advanced polyethylene resin targets can all be achieved with products from a dual reactor system.  The advantages of bimodal resins can be observed in both the processability of the resin as well as the strength of the final products.

Often, the processes and catalysts used to make these resins can prove troublesome. Transitions requiring catalyst changes can be expensive and time-consuming.  Ideally, one catalyst can provide a cost-effective route to a broad spectrum of premium resin targets, eliminating additional costly qualifications and limiting transitions.

Grace's LYNX® PE catalysts are designed with these goals in mind.  Commercially demonstrated to produce PE-100, LYNX® PE catalysts can produce a broad resin slate from pipe to blow molding to film and have been proven across several dual slurry reactor systems.

And our technical experts are ready to help.  With our deep understanding of the process technology and the catalysts you are using, we can provide onsite guidance to dial in the performance of your specific reactor setup.

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