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LYNX® PP Catalysts and Donors

A proven catalyst system for all of the major polypropylene process technologies

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A Family of Catalysts to Meet Your Needs

LYNX® catalyst and donor systems provide the balance you need when it comes to the catalyst system cost, product performance, and reactor operability.

The LYNX® PP Catalyst and Donor series is our proven, 4th generation PP catalyst that is uniquely fine-tuned for use across all of the polypropylene process platforms.  The catalyst’s narrow particle size distribution, particle uniformity, high settled bulk density, and high internal surface area provide you with high throughput without any hardware modifications, low fines, and a reactor that is easy to operate.

Widely used for its leverage in producing commodity homopolymers, LYNX® catalysts are used to make resins for products such as fiber, raffia, film and injection molding.

As a leading commercial solution, general-purpose LYNX® catalysts are the preferred catalysts in the vertical stirred gas process and a trusted catalyst in the bulk and slurry processes.  

For bulk loop plants, our High Activity LYNX® catalysts series are used because of the increase in slurry density and throughput, and the corresponding reduction of the load on the monomer recovery system. 

High Crystallinity LYNX® catalysts are recognized in the industry for their outstanding impact stiffness balance for homopolymer and impact copolymer applications.   This same catalyst is also available with lower isotacticity, making it ideal for film-grade production.

An Industry Leader in Versatility and Reliability

The LYNX® catalyst series can be used across all of the polypropylene process platforms with industry recognition for the following:

  • Improved economics with high throughput capability that can exceed reactor design limitations where the extruder feed can be maximized for all resin applications
  • Excellent process operability with narrow particle size distribution and low fines
  • Family series covering the needs for a general catalyst as well as meeting the needs for specialty applications in all process platforms. 

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