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MAGNAPORE® Chromium PE Catalysts

Meeting a broad range of HDPE demands

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A Proven Industry Leader to Meet a Broad Range of HDPE Demands

Premium HDPE resins in single and dual loop processes require higher reliability, throughput and flexibility. An industry-proven catalyst can meet these needs without increasing risks for operational and resin performance issues.

MAGNAPORE® catalyst is Grace’s most proven catalyst with a long and successful track record producing resins for film, pipe, and large-part blow molding goods. Known for producing high-yield and consistent quality resins for a broad range of HDPE applications, MAGNAPORE® catalyst is a leader in producing HDPE resins. 

Minimizing Risks While Meeting Market Demands 

As resin properties continue to evolve with today's changing market needs, your customers are looking for lower weight pipes, more elastic thin films, and more durable and longer-lasting products.

It can be time-consuming and risky to search for and qualify new catalysts to deliver against those needs while maintaining operational efficiency and safety metrics. The right catalyst, especially one with a proven track record in the slurry technology can help ensure a safe and smooth operation while maximizing throughput and uptime. The same proven catalyst can also help minimize risks in resin and process designs.

Grace's MAGNAPORE® catalyst product line, with its long track record of success, offers flexibility and peace of mind for use in multiple applications to minimize inventory and changeover times and is designed to meet the high-quality resin requirements that you are looking for to help you optimize your processes and lower operational costs.

The Benefits of MAGNAPORE® 963 Catalysts

  • High-quality resin production for film and pipe
  • Smooth operation and high throughput due to its unique design
  • Commercially proven to produce any type of film, PE-80 pipe, and large blow molding finished goods (IBCs, large commercial containers) and geomembrane

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