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REFLECTN™ Digital Plant Simulator Software

No risk plant simulator and training environment

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The REFLECTN™ digital plant simulator is specifically designed for UNIPOL® Polypropylene (PP) technology and provides a safe training environment and plant simulator for licensees.

REFLECTN™ simulator software adds value through:

  • Risk reduction: improve operational readiness in real-time without real-world risk.
  • New product deployment and testing: simulate product transitions without costly downtime.
  • Real-world training: increase operator readiness in mere months versus years.
  • Operational efficiency: maximize operating efficiency while minimizing raw material waste.
  • Cloud-based access: flexible subscriptions of unlimited usage

REFLECTN™ digital plant simulator is the most realistic and accurate training tool available on the market today for UNIPOL® PP technology.

Enhance plant operations with REFLECTN™ digital plant simulator software

Improve operational efficiency and reduce human error by leveraging the cutting-edge REFLECTN™ digital plant simulator. Tailored to mimic a real UNIPOL® PP technology plant, REFLECTN™ software allows operators and engineers to refine their skills and test operational scenarios before applying them in live settings. By providing a risk-free training environment, our simulator software significantly minimizes the likelihood of errors, ultimately increasing onstream time and overall productivity.

Efficient training solutions for operators

Accelerate operator readiness with REFLECTN™ digital plant simulator's comprehensive training environment. New operators can become proficient in a shorter amount of time without risk to plant operations. This simulator equips operators to adeptly handle routine and abnormal plant conditions, ensuring high product quality. Prior to commissioning, operators gain practical experience in critical operations such as startups, shutdowns, and product transitions. Whether certifying experienced operators or facilitating seamless product transitions, REFLECTN™ empowers teams to enhance efficiency and proficiency while eliminating costly downtime.

Real-world training without the risk

REFLECTN™ digital plant simulator encompasses all major facets of a UNIPOL® PP technology plant, from raw material feeds to reactor operations and vent recovery. Operators exercise control over temperatures, pressures, flow rates, and equipment settings, down to individual valves. Harness the power of REFLECTN™ to elevate your plant's performance, streamline training, and optimize operational outcomes.

Service sets us apart

Grace offers instructor training, access to our experts and ongoing software enhancements to ensure that your UNIPOL® PP process technology operators maximize the benefit of our digital plant simulator software.

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