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SHIELDEX® Anti-Corrosive Pigments

Cr-VI alternative for a variety of applications

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Exceptional heavy metal-free corrosion protection

In the past 25 years, the coatings industry has moved toward chromate-free pigments that offer anti-corrosion protection without compromising health, safety, and the environment. To address these challenges, Grace engineered SHIELDEX® silica, a range of highly effective ion-exchanged pigments that are not classified as toxic and an effective replacement for pigments containing heavy metals like zinc and strontium chromate.


Recommended for coatings applied to a number of different substrates including galvanized steel, zinc alloy, and galvalume, SHIELDEX® silica is used in a variety of applications including coil, general industrial, automotive, and marine systems.

Specific applications:

  • Single-layer coatings applied over metal substrates
  • Primer pre-treatment coatings designed to provide the function of both a primer and metal pre-treatment in a single layer
  • Coatings that cure under acidic conditions
  • Coatings that require acid catalysis to achieve adequate cure, e.g., acrylic and alkyd-melamine coatings
  • Radiation-cured (UV/EB) systems for coil coatings
  • Powder coating systems for general industrial applications

SHIELDEX® silica line

With finely controlled particle distribution for smoothness and a lower density, SHIELDEX® silica requires less quantity by weight compared to conventional anti-corrosive pigments.

Primer and direct-to-metal applications

  • SHIELDEX® AC 3 and AC 5 silica: for high-tech applications with extensive warranties. SHIELDEX® AC 3 silica is for systems with DFT <20μm; SHIELDEX® AC 5 silica is for systems with DFT >20μm.

Coil coating primer applications

  • SHIELDEX® C 303 silica: superior corrosion protection in exterior and interior applications with extensive warranties
  • SHIELDEX® CS 311 silica: ideal for exterior and interior applications using acid catalyzed systems that require optimized curing stability 
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SHIELDEX® silica brochure

Download the SHIELDEX® silica brochure to read more about this novel Cr-VI alternative offering premium anti-corrosion protection.

The brochure details:

  • Salt spray testing
  • Curing properties compared to strontium chromate
  • Catalysis interaction
  • Rheological properties

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