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SYLOPOL® Chromium PE Catalysts

Optimize operations and maximize yield with custom catalysts designed to meet your application needs

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A Broad Catalyst Portfolio with High Performance and Reliability for all HDPE Extrusion Applications

Grace's proven chromium catalysts serve a broad range of film, pipe, and small and large blow molding applications including custom-made catalysts for unique applications and operational conditions.

Resins are serving more applications than ever, requiring specific properties that would not only improve the longevity and durability of film, pipe, blow molding and sheet products, but also demand lower product costs to serve more cost-conscious markets.

Some catalysts may result in resins that improve product longevity and durability but increase costs due to lower throughput. Other catalysts may be able to dramatically increase resin yield, but at the same time increase quality issues and offer subpar product performance.  You’re looking for the right catalyst that can create more value by improving performance while lowering production costs and minimizing quality issues.

Grace's SYLOPOL® chromium catalyst family delivers high-quality resins for a broad range of end products. Each application can select from a diverse set of catalysts to optimize the end products' durability and longevity, while increasing resin yields.

Designed to fit your process and application needs, the SYLOPOL® catalyst family offers products that can be used across all slurry loop and gas phase process technologies. From using SYLOPOL® 7713 catalyst for small blow molding applications to the SYLOPOL® G9800 and G9700 catalyst family for a broad range of HDPE goods produced using gas phase processes, we have the catalysts to fit your PE needs.


Minimizing Risks While Meeting Market Demands 

A few of the benefits you'll see with SYLOPOL® 7713 Catalyst:

  • Increased  throughput: Increase your resin yield by 10% with a high activity catalyst
  • Improved quality: High quality, longer-lasting, more durable resins for small blow molding applications that can withstand chemical resistance

A few of the benefits you'll see with SYLOPOL® G9800 Catalyst:

  • Increased throughput: High resin yield increase
  • Improved quality: High-quality film resins in gas phase processes
  • Activated catalysts: Available in an activated version

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