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SYLOPOL® ZN Catalysts

Single catalyst system to produce LLDPE and HDPE in gas phase processes with improved economics

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Improving Your Bottom Line

As the worldwide PE capacity continues to grow with each new investment and expansion, so too does your need to find economical solutions that improve your production costs for commodity resins.

And using a polyethylene catalyst specifically designed for a gas phase reactor brings you one step closer to improving your bottom line.  You need a catalyst that can produce the targeted polymer with excellent operability in a range of reactor configurations - like a good response to co-feeds to increase throughput - all while maintaining an acceptable cost-in-use.

Grace's SYLOPOL® ZN Catalysts are designed to meet those challenges and have been commercially demonstrated to produce butene-LLDPE, hexene-LLDPE, and HDPE for various applications. These drop-in catalyst solutions, in conjunction with our technical service experts, can provide better results for your business by dialing in the performance to your specific reactor setup.

A few of the benefits you'll see with SYLOPOL® ZN Catalysts:

  • Improved production economics through better catalyst effectiveness (higher mileage)
  • Drop-in solution with similar kinetics to incumbent catalysts
  • Commercially proven to LL C4, LL C6, and HDPE applications

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