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SYLOSIV® Zeolite Powders

SYLOSIV® zeolite powders provide exceptional adsorptive capacity at very low moisture levels

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Uniquely efficient coatings enhancers

Moisture scavengers

SYLOSIV® zeolite powders have exceptional adsorptive capacity at very low moisture levels, which distinguish them from other drying agents and make them the ideal choice for applications in which even the smallest amount of water can be damaging to the coating. Additional advantages of SYLOSIV® zeolite powders include the absence of any side reactions, low sensitivity to temperature, no toxicity, and improved dispersibility.

Interior applications

  • SYLOSIV® A3 zeolite powder: 3Å pore size. Water-specific moisture scavenger for 2K PU systems, moisture-cure PU, and various other systems.
  • SYLOSIV® A4 zeolite powder: 4Å pore size. Highly effective moisture scavenger for 2K PU and metallic pigments.
  • SYLOSIV® A300 zeolite powder: 3Å pore size and lower pH. Designed specifically for scavenging moisture for PU systems where extended pot life is required.
  • SYLOSIV® K300 zeolite powder: 3Å pore size. High moisture scavenging capacity. Designed for 2K PU fast curing systems where pot life is not critical.

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