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UNIPOL UNIPPAC® Process Control Software

A technically superior solution designed explicitly for UNIPOL®  PP production plants

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The Optimum and Essential Solution for UNIPOL® PP Licensees

No other solution offers the same results

Grace's customers always seek competitive advantages in cost, quality, and product differentiation.  In their business, they operate a variety of plant types depending on business objectives and maturity.

Our UNIPOL UNIPPAC® Process Control Software is explicitly designed for UNIPOL® Polypropylene Plants. With a foundation of chemical engineering principles, containing both Advanced Process Control (APC) technology and critical operating parameters, UNIPOL UNIPPAC® Process Control Software is fundamentally a better control and optimization solution for UNIPOL® PP licensees. 

In contrast to other APC products that rely on mathematical or statistical techniques, UNIPOL UNIPPAC® Process Control Software is built on the physics and chemistry of the reactor and relies on 30+ years of R&D.  UNIPOL UNIPPAC® Process Control Software is explicitly tailored to the UNIPOL® PP process needs, UNIPOL® PP process technology, and the SHAC® & CONSISTA® process catalyst systems.

UNIPOL UNIPPAC® Process Control Software drives improvements to key operating metrics

  • Throughput increase (5-9%)
  • Off Grade reduction (3-6%)
  • Onstream time (3%)
  • Monomer efficiency improvement (35%)
  • More time for operators to spend on optimization of the process
  • Decreased reactor downtime (i.e. increased reliability)
  • Improved continuity
  • More time between reactor cleanings
  • Fewer unplanned outages

Fundamental Calculations and Tools

Is the essential platform ensuring operations has the best information available for running the plant.

Reactor Operations Stabilizer

Decreases process and resin variability resulting in increased reactor uptime.

Transition Suite

Allows complex product wheels to be produced efficiently with minimal lost time.

Throughput Maximizer

Increases cash flow and reduces unit costs of production.

Plant Optimization

A future technology that significantly improves profit margins by moving the plant state to the most economically optimum to extract the last incremental performance improvements from the UNIPOL® PP technology license.

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