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First UNIPOL® PP Technology Licensee in China to Successfully Produce Terpolymer Using CONSISTA® C602 Catalyst System

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Grace is pleased to announce the successfully produced advanced terpolymer polypropylene (PP) resins grades for heat seal packaging and rigid packaging applications. 

This success resulted from Grace’s UNIPOL® PP technology licensee, Yunnan YunTianHua Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (YTH), using our CONSISTA® catalyst systems. The resins were produced in YTH’s newly retrofitted UNIPOL® PP technology plant, which can produce a full range from commodities to advanced products - including medical syringes, food storage containers, and other medical and household products.

We are very proud to be the first UNIPOL® PP technology licensee in China with retrofitted terpolymer capability. This is a testament to Grace’s strong R&D capability and partnership.

Mr. Jiang Ling

Chairman & General Manager of Yunnan YunTianHua

Grace has had a presence in China since 1987 when Grace became the first wholly foreign-owned company to do business in the country. This experience has helped Grace with its knowledge of the market and the need for polypropylene resin producers to have product differentiation. Historically, specialty-grade terpolymer PP resins have been imported products, but YTH was looking to break this dependency and begin making terpolymers in-country using Grace’s UNIPOL® PP process technology and CONSISTA® non-phthalate polypropylene catalyst systems.

Terpolymer resins have a very low heat seal temperature with high thermal strength, which is important for both food and non-food packaging, as well as high-end medical-grade raw materials. The terpolymer PP resins that YTH manufactured exhibited excellent mechanical, optical, and processing properties with CONSISTA® catalyst systems.

Mr. Jiang Ling, Chairman & General Manager of Yunnan YunTianHua commented, “We are so pleased to share that we had a successful initial startup of the retrofitted terpolymer plant with full capacity. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Grace for their support, hard work and professional guidance at our site. The past two years were very tough for YTH with the pandemic and unexpected difficulties. However, nothing could stop us moving forward as we figured out measures and overcame all the difficulties. We are very proud to be the first UNIPOL® PP technology licensee in China with retrofitted terpolymer capability. This is a testament to Grace’s strong R&D capability and partnership, which enhances our confidence for future cooperation.”

All UNIPOL® PP technology licensees can take advantage of Grace’s Plant Lifetime Performance™ commitment which emphasizes a strong, long-term focus on our customers. Our goal is to provide quality support through software and services, including continuous process and product improvements, and access to superior catalysts and donor technology to ensure our customer’s success for the lifetime of the plant. 

The CONSISTA® catalyst family

Grace’s CONSISTA® catalyst and donor family includes the 6th generation, non-phthalate-based catalysts to help customers, like YTH, address the increasing regulatory and brand pressures for phthalate-based polypropylene solutions. Better properties for homopolymer and random copolymer products, including excellent productivity,  enhanced operability, and drop-in catalyst technology, make the CONSISTA® catalyst family the most robust polypropylene catalyst technology for our Chinese customers. 

A vested partner in our customers’ success

As a licensor of UNIPOL® PP technology, Grace offers leading catalyst and donor systems to generate the highest return on investment. Our R&D, manufacturing, technical service, and catalyst trial support teams are unmatched.  Grace partners with our customers, so their business is successful and flexible enough to make products with the highest demand, now and in the future.

We earn our customers’ trust through partnerships and invite their feedback to ensure our product offerings are world-class.  

To learn more about Grace’s CONSISTA® catalyst system and how it can help improve your resin production, contact your Grace sales representative.

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