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The Case for Colloidal Silica

How its versatile chemistry can improve diverse products and processes
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Learn about colloidal silica’s diverse range of uses in research and in industry through this exclusive eBook written in collaboration with the American Chemical Society and C&EN magazine.

These nanoscale particles of amorphous silica boast a range of attributes – such as high stability, hardness and excellent binding ability – thanks to the tunable chemistry of the particles’ silanol-rich surface. Applications for colloidal silica now range from metal-casting molds to drug-resistant bacterial biofilms. Grace welcomes the opportunity to highlight these diverse developments, which are broad in scope yet are all built on the same strong foundation of colloidal silica chemistry.

Concepts explained and featured in this eBook:

  • Learn about colloidal silica’s many chemical and physical attributes
  • Gain insight into how colloidal silica gets used in investment casting, a major application for the material, and improves catalyst performance for industrial applications
  • Discover how researchers are using colloidal silica to address pressing biomedical problems

What is your LUDOX® colloidal silica challenge?

Built on more than half a century of technical and manufacturing expertise, Grace’s LUDOX® colloidal silica has earned a reputation for tightly controlled specifications and reliable, consistent quality, making it the preferred brand for high-performance applications. Cited in over 35,000 patents and an abundance of existing successful applications including catalysts, investment casting binders, coatings and refractory additives, LUDOX® colloidal silicas still have considerable untapped potential with new and innovative uses continuing to emerge. 

Colloidal silica’s surface chemistry is one of the key reasons it has become so highly valued in many applications and why, after more than 50 years since it entered the market, entirely new applications for LUDOX® colloidal silicas are still regularly found.

David M. Chapman, PhD, Research Fellow

W. R. Grace & Co.

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