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Leveraging UNIPOL® PP Technology for High-Performance Battery Cases

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UNIPOL® Polypropylene Technology contributes to the evolution of the automotive industry with differentiated polymer grades to meet the diverse needs of the industry. 

Polypropylene (PP) has emerged as a versatile and high-performance material, replacing metals in automotive parts and vehicles to enhance energy efficiency. UNIPOL® Polypropylene Technology, combined with advanced catalyst technology, has become instrumental in producing battery case grades suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from gasoline-fueled to electric-powered ones.

These cases are suitable for a range of battery types, from sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries for gasoline-powered vehicles to Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries for electric vehicles. UNIPOL® PP process technology used with its CONSISTA® catalyst and donor technology, offers a way to amplify the attributes of impact copolymer polypropylene (ICP).

Maximize performance with impact copolymer polypropylene

ICP grades developed using the UNIPOL® PP technology have excellent tunable stiffness and toughness balance, as well as thermal and UV stability. These ICP grades also exhibit high dimensional stability, low warpage, and outstanding weldability, making them suitable for battery case applications in different vehicles. Regardless of whether a vehicle is powered by gasoline, hybrid technology, or electricity, these ICP grades can cater to the specific needs of the vehicle.

Optimized stiffness and impact balance

In terms of stiffness and impact balance, UNIPOL® PP technology offers a broad spectrum of options to match different application targets. For instance, high stiffness ensures the necessary strength to hold the battery while also opening opportunities for down-gauging, which contributes to the overall lightweight design. Furthermore, the technology accommodates high impact at both room and subzero temperatures, effectively preventing cracks from forming during assembly and usage.

Enhanced durability with thermal and UV stability

Battery cases fabricated from ICP resin using UNIPOL® PP technology retain excellent thermal and UV stability. This protective shield facilitates extended battery usage in environments with both high and low ambient temperatures.

Achieve high dimensional stability and low warpage

UNIPOL® PP technology achieves optimal polymer design, resulting in improved cycle times and dimensional stability, low warpage, reduced waste, and high-quality products.

Boost product design with outstanding weldability

Weldability is an integral part of good product design, and UNIPOL® PP technology provides a streamlined welding process and high welding strength throughout the product's lifespan.

Differentiated grades for diverse applications

To meet diverse application requirements, UNIPOL® PP technology offers five differentiated battery case grades:

  Battery case grade 1 Battery case grade 2 Battery case grade 3 Battery case grade 4 Battery case grade 5

Melt flow rate, dg/min ASTM D1238






Flexural modulus, MPa ASTM D790






IZOD at 23°C, J/m ASTM D256








Impact copolymer, improved stiffness, excellent toughness, good high-temperature resistance

Impact copolymer, excellent toughness, good flowability, good high-temperature resistance

Impact copolymer, excellent stiffness/ toughness balance, nucleated

Impact copolymer, excellent stiffness, good toughness, good high-temperature resistance, nucleated

Impact copolymer, low injection molding warpage, good weldability, nucleated

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