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Clean Fuels

GSR® 5 and D-PriSM® are gasoline sulfur reduction additives in the Grace GSR® clean fuels additives technology portfolio. Many refiners are using GSR® 5 and D-PriSM® additive technology to comply with new legislations, such as Tier 3 and Euro 5 gasoline regulations. Because FCCU gasoline contributes up to 90% of the sulfur to the gasoline pool, this has highlighted the importance of reducing sulfur directly in the FCC unit. In-unit reduction of FCCU gasoline sulfur with Grace's patented GSR® additive technologies provides refiners opportunities for feedstock blending, gasoline stream blending, and operating flexibility during hydrotreater outages. The same benefits of the GSR® clean fuels additive technology can also be supplied in the SuRCA® family of catalysts.


  • Demonstrated 20%-35% sulfur reduction in FCCU gasoline boiling range streams. 
  • Optimized operation through preserving octane, maximizing gasoline throughput, and extending pre-treatment and post-treatment hydrotreater life. 
  • Effective reduction in light to intermediate gasoline sulfur species at 10-15% of fresh catalyst additions (D-PriSM®). 
  • Effective reduction of full range gasoline sulfur species using 25% addition rates (GSR® 5).​​