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Seveso III Directive

Your Safety is Our Commitment

Grace GmbH, Worms

Information to the public according to § 8a of the 12th Ordinance on Major Accidents (BImSchV)

The Worms site with approx. 960 employees is the European headquarters of GRACE. State-of-the-art production processes and high internal safety standards guarantee a high level of plant security and utmost product quality. These safety standards which are applied across the group are regularly checked and continuously optimised both by internal and external activities (certification according to the worldwide applicable environmental and safety standards ISO 14001 and ISO 45001) and by on-site visits of the authorities (last plant safety check visit: 30/09/2020). The results of the official inspections are made available to the public in electronic form. The monitoring plan according to §17 of the Ordinance on major Accidents is available on the homepage of the SGD Süd (, the responsible authority.

The GRACE site in Worms produces inorganic special-purpose chemicals, mostly amorphous silica gels, zeolites and catalysts. Free-flowing solid substances are produced from raw materials such as acids as well as alkaline and saline solutions.

For this purpose, the Worms site uses and stores substances in their plants which are governed by the German Ordinance on Major Accidents. The Worms site is a lower-class operating area. The responsible authorities were informed about this fact (§7).

The Worms site uses and stores the following major substances listed in appendix I of the Ordinance on Major Accidents, taking into account the relevant laws, ordinances and directives:

In case of an incident despite all safety measures, please pay attention to the following warnings:

  • Siren signals (one minute of increasing and decreasing tone volume)
  • Warnings/Information about the warning system KATWARN (Warn App)
  • Announcements on the radio (SWR 1, SWR 3, SWR 4, Kurpfalz Radio, RPR 1, radio rainbow, HR4), or TV
  • By loudspeaker vehicles of the fire brigade and the police
  • Find out more on the internet, for example on the homepage of the city of worms (

More information on what to do in case of such incidents is provided in the brochure “Guidebook for emergency prevention and correct behaviour in case of emergency” of the German Federal Agency for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance ( or in the Major Accidents Brochure of the Municipality of Worms (

Behördlicher Ansprechpartner:    

        SGD Süd, Regionalstelle Gewerbeaufsicht Mainz
        Kaiserstrasse 31, 55116 Mainz,
        Tel.: 06131-96030-0
        Fax: 06131-96030-99,

                                                   Fax: 06131-96030-99,




Grace GmbH
In der Hollerhecke 1
67547 Worms

Tel.: 06241-403-0
Fax: 06241-403-8118

Contact Person:

Klaus Weckheuer (

Matthias Hugo

  • FCC Catalysts
  • Specialty Catalysts
  • Molecular Sieves
  • Silica Specialties
  • Environment: ISO 14001
  • Safety: ISO 45001
  • Energy: ISO 50001
  • Quality: ISO 9001

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