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Try DARACLAR® 9000HP Silica​​

Help improve brewing productivity and sustainability while you cut costs with Daraclar® 9000HP silica. 

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Watch the Video &
Download the Case Study

Grace has over 70 years experience developing silica technologies for the food and beverage industry. Grace pioneered the development of selective adsorbents for beer clarifiers and stabilization. DARACLAR® and LUDOX® silicas remain trusted brands in the global beverage industry for clarification and stabilization.

DARACLAR® silica is a selective adsorbent developed specifically for the brewing process and highly efficient for "chill-proofing". The high levels of chemical purity and amorphous nature of DARACLAR® silicas insure they are safe and effective. They are chemically inert, insoluble in beer, and therefore easily and completely removed during the filtration process.

DARACLAR® silica is preferred by the major global and regional brewers and offers these benefits:

  • Meets German Purity Laws
  • REACH Registered
  • HACCP, IPEC GMP Compliant

NEW! DARACLAR® 9000HP​ Silica
DARACLAR® 9000HP silica is engineered for maximum permeability to help decrease 
your overall beer stabilization and filtration costs by reducing your filter aid requirements, debottlenecking your filter capacity all without compromising beer stabilization effectiveness.

DARACLAR® 9000HP silica offers these advantages:
  • Drop-in solution - NO downtime, NO CAPEX
  • Improve productivity by up to 139%*
  • ​Reduce water consumption by 60%* during filtration CIP cycles​



Ludox® Colloidal Silica

A large number of non-reactive compounds have been in use for clarifying wines. Most of these compounds are called fining agents. They generally fall into three main catagories: Phenolic, Protein Adsorbents and Clarifying Agents.
LUDOX® colloidal silica has been used as a clarification agent for wine, beer, and fruit juices for over 50 years. Using LUDOX® silica alone or in combination with gelatins and swelling bentonites in wine and fruit juice clarification, ensures a faster sedimentation time and a more compact sediment layer at the bottom of the tank, minimizing product losses. LUDOX® silica can also remove unstable protein complexes in wine.

Consult your Grace representative to select the appropriate DARACLAR® or LUDOX® silicas for your beverage stabilization and clarification processes.​​

*Examples only. Results by plant may vary.​