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Beverage Fining and Fortification 

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Grace’s aqueous silica can be used to fine beverages such as wine, juices, ciders, and beer. LUDOX® colloidal silicas help remove undesirable proteins and impurities to improve: 

  • Taste
  • Appearance
  • Shelf life

When used in combination with gelatin or other positively charged fining agents, LUDOX® colloidal silica helps to promote a faster and more compact settlement, reducing product loss while enhancing productivity.

LUDOX® colloidal silica can be used by craft breweries for “dry hopping”. To learn more, visit our Beer page.

When fine with LUDOX® colloidal silica, beverages classified as vegan can still be marketed as vegan friendly. 

LUDOX® colloidal silicas are aqueous dispersions of non-porous, non-crystalline particles manufactured in a broad range of particle sizes and surface modifications to deliver excellent performance. Cited in over 35,000 patents, LUDOX® colloidal silicas are trusted by beverage manufacturers worldwide. 

Beverage fortification

Demand continues to increase for fortified beverages such as milk, juices, sports, and energy drinks.  Many nutraceutical active ingredients are either in liquid form or need liquid stabilizers to improve their bioavailability. To achieve a solid dosage form with liquid ingredients, a porous carrier is needed that can absorb the liquids and be conveniently processed into desirable solid forms, known as liquisolid formulation.

Grace’s SYLOID® XDP silica facilitates the addition of vitamins and other micronutrients to beverages to bring improved nutrition and health benefits. The combined high pore volume and high bulk density of SYLOID® XDP silica allows formulators to deliver the desired nutrient into fortified beverages. 

SYLOID® XDP silica Features   Performance benefits
  • High pore volume 

  • Extraordinary bulk density 

  • High purity silica gel 

  • Narrow particle size distribution 

  • Strong particle integrity 

  • Maximum loading capacity and filling amount 

  • Regulatory compliance 

  • Excellent release and bioavailability  

  • Superior stability 

  • Ease of processing 


Grace’s SYLOID® silicas are compliant with the test requirements for silicon dioxide as described in the latest editions of the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC), the EU Commission Regulation No. 231/2012 (E 551), and the latest edition of Japan's Specifications and Standards for Food Additives (D325).

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