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Bu​lk ​Chromatography Resin​

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Grace sets the industry standard for pure, consistent, high quality bulk chromatographic resin for purification, separations, and a wide range of chromatographic applications. Our superior technology and scale-up capabilities make Grace the ideal partner for small scale development through commercial manufacturing. Our broad portfolio is complimented by our technical support and extensive experience in bonding different resins.

  • The widest range of pore diameters and particles sizes
  • A selection of normal and reversed phases (C1, C2, C4, C8, C18, Phenyl, Amino, Diol, Cyano), ion exchange, and other chemistries.
  • Batch-to-batch consistency and reproducibility.
  • Scalability: Resins that can be used from analytical lab scale all the way through commercial scale .
  • ISO 9001 certified (SGS #US14/841829). Halal and Kosher certified, and FDA registered (#15439296164)


DAVISIL® Chromatography Resin: For Small to Large Molecules


Manufactured for over 25 years, DAVISIL® chromatographic silica is one of the world's most widely used chromatography resins and a standard for purification in a variety of industries. DAVISIL® silica is produced at two ISO-9001 certified facilities under strict QC controls from raw material to finished product for optimized chromatographic performance. Each step in the production process is closely monitored to proactively eliminate variability and better ensure high lot-to-lot finished product reproducibility and tightly controlled specifications for dependability and continuity over the long term.

DAVISIL® silica grades are available in wide range of particle and pore sizes and in many phases from small to multi-ton quantities to meet your application, performance, and economic requirements. The unique "extra wide pore" DAVISIL® silica grade is specially designed for large molecules commonly purified in bioseparations. 


NEW DAVISIL® SPHERE Chromatography Resin: A Unique Spherical Monodisperse Silica

  • ​Superb mechanical stability
  • Monodisperse characteristics enable packing ease
  • Unpack and reuse without performance degradation
  • Excellent chromatographic performance
  • Lower pressure drop - 2x lower than leading resin
  • Extended column lifetimes
  • Scale to prep and process applications

DAVISIL® Sphere silica is based on a unique spherical monodisperse silica that is extremely robust with narrow particle size distribution. This means you will experience highly reproducible and superior chromatographic performance that does not degrade over time. DAVISIL®​ Sphere silica can offer unique selectivity compared to other reversed phase resins on the market to help resolve components that others can't. 

DAVISIL® Sphere chromatography resin is recommended for the separation of:

  • Small molecules
  • ​Peptides less than 4,000-5,000 MW
  • Natural and synthetic peptides​
  • Oligonucleotides

VYDAC® Chromatography Resin: The Trusted Brand for Biopurification


Grace pioneered one of the first media platforms for reverse phase protein and peptide separation as well as polishing steps in bioprocessing. Produced by a unique process based on purified organosilicate starting materials, VYDAC® spheroidal silicas are a well-defined, highly pure, and totally porous separation resin for preparative and process scale users and have excellent selectivity and reproducibility.

Referenced in more than 9000 patents, VYDAC® TP resin is the 300Å phase to which all others are compared. It is relied upon in drug development for protein purification and is completely scalable to commercial-scale ton quantities. High recovery of proteins makes this product more cost-effective than less expensive alternatives and it is available in a wide range of bonding chemistries.


For additional information, please visit our Bulk Chromatography Resins page in the Pharma Industry.