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Solutions for ethanol dehydration 

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SYLOBEAD® Molecular Sieves for Ethanol Dehydration

When manufacturing ethanol, specifications require very low amounts of water in the ethanol to avoid the potential for the formation of unwanted products in automotive combustion engines. Thorough separation of ethanol and water is achieved with the use of extremely porous composite materials consisting of zeolite and binder. These composite materials, known as molecular sieves, are the most economical means of drying ethanol.

Grace has been manufacturing molecular sieves for over 60 years, and first produced sieves specifically for ethanol dehydration in the 1970s. Today Grace’s customers depend on SYLOBEAD® molecular sieves to dry ethanol that is produced from edible feedstock, cellulosic feedstocks, and synthetically produced ethanol. SYLOBEAD® molecular sieves enable ethanol producers to maximize profitability via:

  • Very good adsorption kinetics
  • Low co-adsorption of ethanol
  • High attrition resistance of the beads
  • Lowest level of by-products formation

SYLOBEAD® molecular sieves have been designed to minimize ethanol co-adsorption which increases ethanol production capacity and reduces energy costs.

Molecular Sieve Technology

Molecular sieve beds can have a significant impact on capital and operating costs for ethanol producers. Molecular sieves used to dehydrate ethanol should have the following characteristics:

  • Mechanical integrity to withstand demands of pressure swings with minimal breakage or dust generation
  • Adsorption efficiency and selectivity to allow for rapid removal of water with minimal ethanol co-adsorption

Strong Technical Service and Support

Global technical support for adsorption applications is fortified by an experienced team of professional technicians, scientists, and engineers. Direct experience with a range of adsorption applications allows Grace to support customers with a portfolio of services including:

  • Custom design solutions for individual adsorption unit loadings and operational consulting and problem solving
  • Supervision of material loading
  • Analytical support
  • Performance evaluation and reporting
  • Customer seminars

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