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Inks and Paper

Our comprehensive silica portfolio makes Grace a leader in digital media pigments and coating solutions.

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Inkjet Absorption Capacity

Innovation and new technologies for digital print media are constantly evolving. Higher standards in digital printing quality and economy and emerging applications require specialized print media.

Silica pigments have demonstrated their performance and compatibility with a range of ink types including water-based dyes; and pigmented, solvent-based, eco-solvent, and oil-based inks. The materials and customizable properties of our comprehensive silica portfolio and colloidal silicas as well as our technical expertise make Grace the company to turn to for digital media pigments and coating solutions.

The Grace product portfolio includes ​SYLOJET® submicron silica and SYLOID® silica gel pigments. All provide high performance and have been used successfully to improve the ink absorption and print quality of glossy and matt coatings for:​

  • Small format, desktop inkjet printing
  • Large format industrial inkjet printing for posters, banners, architectural, CAD, films, and textiles for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Photo inkjet printing
  • Other industrial printing applications

High Gloss Finish

LUDOX® colloidal silicas create gloss and contribute to the image forming in the top coat of cast coated glossy ink-jet papers for water-based dye inks. The unique properties of colloidal silicas can also provide specific functions such as improving the surface strength of a light top coat layer.

LUDOX® colloidal silicas provide unique properties for ink-jet top coats and receiver layers. The particles are discrete spheres of silica with no porosity. The absence of particle porosity makes it suitable for achieving surface modifications and other functions.

A wide range of particle sizes and modifications are available to provide compatibility and colloidal stability in the different applications. Key advantages of LUDOX® colloidal silica:

  • High gloss level in cast-coated ink-jet
  • Excellent transparency
  • Improved marking resistance

Paper Frictionizing

LUDOX® colloidal silica can be applied as a clear surface treatment on paper and linerboard products to increase their coefficients of friction, resulting in a surface with improved antiskid or antislip properties.

See how LUDOX® colloidal silica can help paper rolls be less susceptible to telescoping and help paper sheets move through transport rollers more easily. 

Boxes and corrugated sheets are less prone to slipping and sliding during transportation and in storage and the smooth, evenly distributed coating will enhance printing on boxes. Typical products that can benefit from frictionizing treatment include corrugated sheets and boxes, linerboard paper, photocopier papers, and recycled papers.​ While a number of colloidal silica grades may have possible utility, LUDOX® CL-P and CL-X silicas have been specially formulated to give superior performance and easy cleanup from coating machine surfaces.

  • Invisible surface treatment
  • Easy cleanup
  • Excellent slide angle performance
  • Good friction retention
  • No agitation required
  • Economical with high dilutions
  • Enhanced printing

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