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Static Adsorbents

Adsorbents for insulating glass, pharmaceutical packaging, and refrigeration solutions

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Insulating Glass Adsorbents

PHONOSORB® adsorbents for insulating glass (IG) are specifically engineered to help maintain window quality, performance, and long-term reliability. Choosing GRACE® IG adsorbents offers peace of mind against material failure compared to cheaper alternatives that are made with clay or other materials instead of 3A zeolite synthetic molecular sieves. 

Grace is a preferred industry supplier because of our extensive experience and knowledge, punctual deliveries, specialized technical support, and reliable customer service department.

  • Compliant with regulations: Grace’s products undergo rigorous testing at external labs to certify their quality. PHONOSORB® static adsorbents meet consistent quality standards and are fully compliant with EU’s EN1279:2018 Norm.
  • Quality manufacturing: PHONOSORB® static adsorbents are manufactured from genuine 3A synthetic zeolite material.
  • High performance: PHONOSORB® silica products are designed to optimize performance and longevity. They provide fogging deflection for better-insulated glass transparency and prevent moisture accumulation. This guards against material failure for years longer than less expensive alternatives.
  • Trusted expertise: Depending on customer size and requirements, Grace can provide on-site product training through our TCS department.
  • Consistent supply: By knowing they can count on Grace’s consistent supply chain, our customers can be confident when planning their production cycles.
Silica Type Product Grade Application Grade Usage
3Å type zeolites PHONOSORB® 551 Silica For use in insulating glass production in conjunction with solvent-free sealants Due to its small bead size, mainly used in narrow insulating glass systems and in automatic filling machines with pneumatic filling of the profiles. Can be used in pre-bent pneumatic or gravimetric spacer filling.
PHONOSORB® 555 Silica Can be used in pre-bent pneumatic or gravimetric spacer filling.
PHONOSORB® 558 Silica Due to its bead size, mainly used in medium-sized and wide spacer bars. Can be used in pre-bent pneumatic or gravimetric spacer filling.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

GRACE® molecular sieves and silica gels’ wide range of uses in the pharmaceutical packaging industry ensures that drug products are protected from moisture, enabling them to preserve their shelf-life.

Grace’s adsorbents products are used to manage moisture within the packaging of pharmaceutical products, which can enter through the walls of the packaging or be released by the drug. Our products can be used in capsules, packets and bags can be integrated into closures caps, or can be used as embedded products into the plastic matrix of the packaging. We offer the following products, depending on the application properties required:     

  • SAFETYSORB® Molecular Sieves: Provide a faster rate of adsorption to minimize product exposure even at low relative humidity
  • Silica Gels: Provide a Slower rate of moisture adsorption to facilitate easier handling
  • SYLOSIV® Molecular Sieves: Adsorbent in powder form can be embedded directly into plastic packaging

Refrigeration Adsorbents

Refrigeration in industrial, automotive, and household applications is based on the rapid expansion of a refrigerant (typically chloride or fluoride-containing hydrocarbon). During the expansion step, the refrigeration fluid evaporates causing a significant drop in temperature. 

During this step, it is critical to avoid ice formation in the expansion valve to prevent blockage of the entire refrigeration system. Removing all residual moisture from the refrigerant is the most effective way to prevent ice formation.

GRACE® CRYOSIV® molecular sieves are especially suitable for removing even small traces of water vapor and are therefore ideal for such highly moisture-sensitive refrigeration applications.

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