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Nutraceutical Solutions 

Overcome purity, formulation, and stability challenges in nutraceutical formulations

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Minimize product variability and increase bioavailability and shelf stability

Nutraceutical formulators face a variety of challenges including product variability, dosage formulation and strength, shelf stability, bioavailability, and patient compliance. Companies in this highly regulated industry must meet stringent regulatory guidelines while looking for opportunities to expedite commercialization and drive speed-to-market.

According to a January 2022 survey by McKinsey & Company, 40% of global consumers would prefer a more natural product over a more effective product1. Consumers are increasingly interested in self-care and alternative medicine with the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating focus on well-being. With strong demand comes great opportunity for nutraceutical formulators.

With over 50 years’ experience in the nutraceutical market, Grace is pioneering the path forward for formulators looking to improve purity and create better targeted and higher value formulations with enhanced bioavailability. We have deep expertise working with formulators focused on products in the Omega-3, CBD, oil-soluble vitamin, squalene oil, and herbal supplement categories.

Purification and separation

Grace’s chromatographic silica exhibits higher surface area, lower bulk density, and tighter particle size distribution compared to competitor silica products. Our properties yield higher loading capacity, reduce solvent consumption, require less silica usage per unit volume, and contribute to higher compound purity.


The Grace portfolio of multifunctional excipients is designed to meet the challenges of nutraceutical formulators. Made according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines with EXCiPACT® certification, most Grace silicas are patented and listed on the FDA inactive ingredient database. Our portfolio supports formulators in several, key areas including:

  • Tablet coating – offering moisture protection, anti-tacking properties, and glidant and suspension aid support
  • ANI protection – control trace amounts of moisture and moisture transfer from the surrounding environment, which can degrade ANIs or cause reactions that decrease shelf life
  • Glidant – achieve excellent handling due to lower dusting; this lowers cross-contamination risk compared to fumed silica
  • NEW! Transform liquids into powders – transform oily actives and lipid-based systems to free-flowing powders without the use of solvents

Silica solutions for nutraceutical formulators

Designed for omega-3, CBD, oil-soluble vitamin, herbal supplement, and squalene oil producers

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