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SYLOID® XDP F Silica for Nutraceutical Formulators

Achieve higher dosage strength with better volumetric density

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SYLOID® XDP F silica is a mesoporous gel designed for use in nutraceutical applications including omega-3, CBD, fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K), and squalene and botanical oils. The combination of density and capacity delivers the highest load of lipid delivery in a given volume across a variety of finished dosage forms including tablets, hard gelatin capsules, and powders.

The special porous design adsorbs 1 to 1.5 times its weight in liquid and remains a free-flowing, non-dusty material that easily processes into a free-flowing powder supporting formulation of several oral solid dosage forms (OSDF). SYLOID® XDP F silica was also specifically developed with optimum pore size and surface area to convert oily liquids into powders without the use of solvent.

Successfully used in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations for more than 55 years, SYLOID® silica grades offer the right combination of density and capacity to deliver high loads and withstand blending operations like crushing and friction.



  • Solvent-free method
  • Ease of manufacturing for finished dosage forms
    • One-step loading process versus multiple with other carriers
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Higher dosage strength versus other carriers
  • Enhanced ANI potency due to improved desorption
  • Converting oils into powders
  • Converting self-emulsifying nutraceutical delivery systems (SENDS) into powders
  • Converting highly viscous herbal extracts into free-flowing powders
  • Useful for granulation of moisture-sensitive actives where wet granulation is not possible

SYLOID® mesoporous silicas have been reliable solutions for nutraceutical formulators for decades offering:


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