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Plastic Additives

Silica anti-blocking agents and TiO2 extenders

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Silica additives engineered for plastic films

Anti-blocking efficiency and clarity are two of the most important properties plastic film manufacturers require. Ensuring the end-use product is secure, safe, visible, and clean are critical requirements of PE, PET, and PP films.

As a leader in custom-engineered silica, Grace’s portfolio of plastic film additives is equipped to deliver the properties and benefits plastic film manufacturers need across a variety of markets, including food packaging, release and protective films, solar panels, electrical insulation, and more.

Anti-Blocking Agents

Engineered to prevent layers of film from sticking together by enhancing film’s surface micro-roughness, Grace’s SYLOBLOC® silica is a synthetic amorphous silica with purity exceeding 99%. Delivering high efficiency, excellent dispersibility, and enhanced film clarity, learn more about our grade-specific and custom blends for PE, PET, and PP films.

Titanium Dioxide Extenders

Designed to deliver enhanced performance in plastic applications, SYLOWHITE® TiOextender whitens and opacifies while enabling masterbatch producers and compounders to use less titanium dioxide and gain economic efficiencies.

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