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Silica Anti-Blocking Agents

Engineered for the plastic films industry

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Anti-blocking in polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polypropylene (PP), and polyethylene (PE) film applications

Achieving economies of scale in the production of plastic films while maintaining film clarity and transparency is critical for PET, PP, and PE film manufacturers. Grace’s portfolio of anti-blocking agents brings manufacturing efficiencies and is uniquely engineered for the following applications:

  • Packaging films
    • Food packaging
    • Generic
  • Industrial films
  • Medical films & medical devices
  • Agricultural films
  • Release and protective/transfer films
  • Precise printing
  • Solar panel back sheets
  • Electronics – insulation
  • Optical – commodity
  • Other

Synthetic silica anti-blocking technology for PET, PP, PE, BOPP and BOPET films

Engineered to prevent layers of polymer or plastic films from sticking together, Grace’s SYLOBLOC® silicas are highly efficient anti-blocking agents that enhance the film’s surface micro-roughness to aid in anti-blocking and anti-slipping. Grace’s silica portfolio includes both plain and physical blends with slip agents in integrated or melt-in form. SYLOBLOC® silicas can also be used as specialty plastic additives for plate-out protection, pigment dispersion, mold release, and as grinding agents and carriers for liquid additives (dry liquids)

Advantages in polymer films and customer manufacturing processes

SYLOBLOC® silica anti-blocking agents are synthetic amorphous silica with purity exceeding 99%. Not classified as toxic, SYLOBLOC® silica provides several advantages including:

  • High efficiency - low concentrations needed to attain desired effects
  • Excellent dispersibility and high film clarity
  • FDA and BGA compliance for food contact
  • Consistent and reproducible product quality

Combining silica with organic additives such as fatty acid amides can offer additional performance benefits to the SYLOBLOC® silica anti-blocking agent product line. Porosity, average particle size, number of organic additives, and other physical characteristics can also be adapted to meet specific requirements.

SYLOBLOC® silica applications and grades

Specific (PET, PP, PE) and Combination Grades Available

Our anti-blocking family includes a wide range of engineered silica for the plastic films industry and are approved in nearly all licensed polyethylene and polypropylene technologies.

Grace SYLOBLOC® silica anti-blocking portfolio includes several other grades not explicitly mentioned in the product selector above.  

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