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Technical Service Expertise

Grace was the first FCC catalyst company to provide technical services to the refining industry.  Today, we offer top-notch technical services to each of our customers, starting with dedicated account teams, backed up by world-class laboratories and our Global Customer Technology team.  We work with you to solve your most challenging problems and ensure the FCC is delivering all its potential value.   

Delivering FCC Value through Technical Service

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Delivering FCC Value through Technical Service

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Watch the video


Grace technical service representatives come prepared to assist you; more than 75% of our team has direct refinery and FCC experience.  They work with your engineers and operators to ensure the FCC is optimized, and when it’s not, they quickly respond to assist with troubleshooting.  They bring insights from Grace’s unique global perspective with an eye toward maximizing FCC and refinery profitability.  

They meet regularly with our customers to review:

  • Existing and future FCC unit objectives
  • FCC complex constraints
  • Unit operating data
  • Unit performance vis-à-vis changes in feedstock properties and operating conditions
  • Equilibrium catalyst analysis trends
  • ESP and TSS Fines, Main Fractionator and Wet Gas Scrubber Purge Solids Analyses
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Catalyst performance
  • Catalyst technology advancements


With laboratories in three continents, Grace can help you quickly understand the health and condition of your catalyst.  With both ACE™ and DCR™ pilot plants, we evaluate catalyst options for your specific needs to ensure we are offering catalysts that create the most value for you.

In addition to testing catalysts, our laboratories have advanced analytic capabilities to help troubleshoot your FCC:

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Electron Microprobe Analysis
  • Fluidization testing
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  • Temperature Programmed / Mass Spec Analysis
  • Sink/Float Separation


Grace’s Global Customer Technology (GCT) team provides a full range of advanced FCC technical services to our critical customer base including unit-specific FCC consultation, site visits for troubleshooting of complex problems and the development of tools and models for use by regional technical service teams.  With extensive backgrounds focused in refining, economics and licensing, GCT’s experts can assist with:

  • New Unit Start-up Assistance
  • Visual Turnaround Inspection
  • FCC Modeling Training
  • FCC Workshops and Onsite Training
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