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Personal Care


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Exfoliating Silica​​s


​In modern personal care formulations, exfoliants have become popular to promote shedding of dead skin cells and help improve skin's texture and youthful appearance, and to remove debris to prevent clogged pores and blemishes. ​


Recently​, environmental concerns have been raised regarding plastic microspheres commonly used as exfoliants in personal care products. Grace's exfoliating silicas are an innovative alternative to plastic microspheres. Our exfoliating silicas do not bioaccumulate, are not biopersistent, and can be engineered to provide exfoliating properties. We engineer a highly pure amorphous and chemically synthesized form of a naturally occurring mineral that is the most common found in the earth's crust. Our customized silicas have been used for years in food, oral care, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics

​Grace's exfoliating silicas are an innovative alternative to polyethylene microbeads and other microplastics for mild exfoliation in cleansing products. 

Grace's Silicas offer Multi-functional Benefits:

  • High Purity

  • High Particle Integrity for Efficient Exfloliating

  • Easily Dispersed

  • Suitable for Clear Gel Formulations

  • Controlled Density​​

Our silicas are an innovative alternative to provide exfoliating properties as well as other multi-functional benefits to your formulations.  Our silicas have been certified by the Natural Products Association (NPA), so you can have confidence that our products meet purify and performance standards for your personal care applications.

Download the Grace® Exfoliating Silicas Technical Information Sheet​ to learn more about our silicas for your personal care formulations. ​​

For more information or to request a sample of our silica, please contact​ us​​



Grace® Exfoliating Silicas Technical Information SheetGrace® Exfoliating Silicas Technical Information Sheet