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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Pharmaceutical Excipients and Drug Delivery


Syloid_Phama.jpgSYLOID® mesoporous silica excipients are the intelligent choice for many pharmaceutical formulations due their unique morphology. The combined adsorption capacity, porosity, particle size, and greater internal surface area allow it to provide several benefits simultaneously that can help minimize the number of excipients required, expedite manufacturing, and improve efficacy of the final dosage form.

SYLOID® mesoporous silica gels have been widely used for many decades within the pharmaceutical industry as excipients and processing aids. They are manufactured to meet global monographs and are referenced in the United States’ FDA’s inactive ingredients database. and are specifically cited in numerous drug patents due to their unique properties that improve the handling, adsorption, and dissolution of many pharmaceuticals.​

​Today, Grace's materials science expertise is unlocking the potential of silica in novel Drug Delivery applications, to convert liquid APIs into free flowing powders and to develop techniques that stabilize amorphous solid dispersions either solvent-based or solvent-free methods. 

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Syloid XDP Silica

Moisture Activated Dry Granulation with Syloid® XDP Silica


Simplify Tableting of Herbal Extracts

Simplify Tableting of Herbal Extracts with Syloid® XDP Silica               


Lipid Based Drug Delivery

Grace European Facility Receives​ GMP Excipient Certification for Syloid® FP Silica Gel                         


​​​SYLOID® FP Mesoporous 
Silica Excipients​

​​SYLOID® XDP  Silica  

Pharmaceutical Excipients​

SYLOID® FP mesoporous​ silicas are the ideal choice for many pharmaceutical formulations due to its unique morphology. SYLOID® FP silica is cited in numerous drug patents, due to its unique properties that help improve the handling, adsorption, and dissolution of many pharmaceuticals.SYLOID® XDP silica carrier is an optimized mosoporous material engineered for transforming liquids to free-flowing solids, particularly oily actives and lipid-based systems. The balance of absorption capacity, density and release can increase API loading and desorption in liquisolid formulations and simplify the transformation of lipid-based drug delivery systems and APIs into free flowing powders for solid dosage forms.

SYLOID® FP Silica Benefits

 Effective desiccant to increase the stability of moisture-sensitive APIs

  • Efficient conditioner for powder formulations used in suspension​s
  • Capillary wetting agent for better release and disintegration
  • Contribution to the controlled release of active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • (API)
  • Low dusting and easy to handle

SYLOID® XDP Silica Benefits

 ​Solid carrier for lipid-based drug delivery systems

  • Transform liquids to easy to handle solids
  • Improve bioavailability of oily actives
  • Increase API loading in solid dosage forms
  • Release API's quickly and completely from solid dosage forms
  • Create liquisolid formulations

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​SYLOID® FP Silica