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Environment, Health and Safety Management

We operate our business with three clear objectives:  no one hurt, nothing out of place, and no harm from our products. These Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) goals, while ambitious, inform the key performance indicators by which we measure our progress toward Operating Excellence and effectively managing health, safety, and environmental risks.

No One Hurt

Nothing Out of Place

No Harm From our Products - 
before, during and after manufacture

Safety is a core value at Grace. Our performance against our goal of no one hurt is tracked globally using the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration's (OSHA) total recordable incident rate as well as by internal, leading indicators of risk.

​We track our performance against our goal of nothing out of place using the American Petroleum Industry (API) RP-754 Process Safety Performance Indicators as well as by internal, leading indicators of risk posed by out-of-place process material.

​In establishing our goal of no harm from our products, we focus on managing risks inherent in our supply chain, on proper materials management, classification and labeling as appropriate during manufacturing and distribution process, and robust hazard communication protocols to help customers and downstream users adopt management controls.

Reporting Performance to Senior Leadership

In real-time as well as in monthly and quarterly business reviews, the entire Grace Leadership Team is briefed on the company's occupational safety, process safety, and environmental performance. The full Board of Directors is briefed during each meeting. Throughout this process, priorities are established and workplans implemented to ensure continuous improvement in safety and environmental KPIs.

Corporate Responsibility Committee

The Corporate responsibility committee assists the company's board of directors and management in addressing the company's responsibilities as a global corporate citizen. These responsibilities specifically include addressing climate-related issues, including responsibilities to Grace's various stakeholders (including the communities in which the company operates). The corporate responsibility committee is best positioned to provide guidance to the greater board of directors.

The Senior Vice President Government Relations and Environment, Health, and Safety is an officer-level position with direct reporting to the CEO and Board of Directors, and oversight of all Environmental, Health, and Safety programs at Grace. This position is responsible for the strategic development, planning, and oversight of program execution of all climate-related issues throughout the organization.

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