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Chromium PE-MAGNAPORE® Catalyst
The MAGNAPORE® Catalyst family is a portfolio of premium chromium catalysts that are designed with flexibility to produce a full range of HDPE resins. It has been an industry standard for over 30 years because it brings performance advantages such as high activity, excellent MI potential, and superior resin properties that can improve the profitability of the converter. High MI potential can be used to maximize the utilization of the reactor assets, and the superior film properties will maximize a converter's production rates. MAGNAPORE has been the industry standard for the production of PE80 pipe, and it can also be used to produce PE4710 pipe in North America. The excellent balance of ESCR, stiffness, and impact strength also make it an excellent option for large part blow molded products. The robustness of the MAGNAPORE catalyst over the years has established it as the leading chromium catalyst technology in the industry.