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Hydrogenation Catalysts

RANEY® Brand of catalysts, the leader in hydrogenation

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World-class supplier of Hydrogenation Solutions

Grace’s RANEY® brand of nickel (Ni), cobalt (Co), and chromium (Cr) catalysts are the most efficient class of catalysts available for the hydrogenation process. With distinctively high activity, selectivity, and handling characteristics, our products can significantly increase throughput while decreasing the formation of undesirable by-products.

This is the original brand of RANEY® Catalyst and offers a broad portfolio with a range of applications. Through advances in surface chemistry and by specifically tailoring catalysts to meet a demanding and unique range of industrial requirements, Grace consistently supplies superior metal catalysts.

Our RANEY® catalysts offer:

  • high activity
  • excellent selectivity
  • a high degree of versatility
  • ease of filtration
  • and excellent settling characteristics

More importantly, RANEY® brand catalysts offer genuine savings in terms of both low initial cost and more efficient production.

RANEY® catalysts are used in a range of hydrogenation reactions from nitro compounds to amines, carbonyls to alcohols, nitriles to amines, olefins, and acetylenes to saturates. Also, they are widely used in reductive alkylations, reductive aminations and ammonolysis of alcohols.

We work closely with our customers, helping to improve processes and end products by tailoring catalysts to meet your specific demands. Our decades of scientific and materials expertise are evident in the customer service and technical support we provide.

We offer you the confidence you desire through collaboration, providing the guidance you need to optimize the large-scale hydrogenation process.

Our long-term, one-on-one customer relationships begin with R&D and continue through scale-up to commercial production. Our scientists provide the vital missing ingredients – custom catalysts and expertise – to find solutions to your unique production challenges.

Why are catalysts needed in hydrogenation?

  • To upgrade a functional group in a molecule (e.g., nitrile to amine; aldehyde to alcohol)
  • For saturation of olefinic or acetylenic groups to create stability (e.g., vegetable oils)
  • For purification via hydrogenolysis, or hydrotreating (e.g., splitting out oxygen or sulfur)

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