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Chemical Processing

The global leader in RANEY® brand catalysts, DAVICAT® oxide catalysts supports and DAVICAT® custom catalysts

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A Partner for Your Specialty Catalysts and Catalyst Supports Needs

A leader in hydrogenation catalysts with RANEY® brand catalysts and specialized offerings in silica, alumina, and silica-alumina DAVICAT® catalyst supports with a wide range of properties.

Grace is the global leader in refining, polyolefin, and custom catalysts with a long history of experience.

We entered the catalyst market in 1942 with the introduction of silica gel-based catalysts for fluid cracking.  And since then, our product portfolio and the applications we serve have broadened with our core materials science focused around silica, alumina and silica-alumina chemistry.

For our customers in chemicals we offer:

  • RANEY® brand catalysts for hydrogenation and dehydrogenation
  • Inorganic oxide DAVICAT® catalyst supports
  • DAVICAT® custom catalysts or supports

We have more than 60 years of experience innovating with superior RANEY® brand catalysts, making us a leader in this class of hydrogenation and dehydrogenation processes. RANEY® brand catalysts are integral in the processing of petroleum and food products and the production of an extensive array of pharmaceuticals, fibers, fragrances, and personal care.

Unlike other suppliers, we are one of the few catalyst manufacturing leaders with the ability to produce both catalysts and supports. As the largest manufacturer of silica gel in the world and as one of the largest producers of alumina, silica-alumina and zeolites, we have the ability to produce a wide range of DAVICAT® catalysts supports with a broad range of physical and chemical properties to meet your diverse needs.

Our materials science expertise combined with our global manufacturing footprint and technical know-how enables us to customize solutions for your catalyst supports and catalyst needs.

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