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DAVICAT® Custom Catalyst Development

Developing catalysts in various shapes and sizes to meet your needs

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Working together. Sharing together. Succeeding together.

Our extensive materials science expertise combined with our decades of experience in catalysts and supports provide a unique offering for your specific catalysts needs using DAVICAT® custom catalyst development. 

There is more to customizing catalysts than the manufacturing process.  We are firm believers that success is built on cooperation and open exchange of ideas and information. Your trust and confidence in us will be rewarded with our commitment for innovation and creativity.

We have decades of experience collaborating with customers on the custom development of catalysts and supports to meet their unique requirements.  Our experience and knowledge of catalysts and inorganic synthesis, together with unmatched research and development resources, provide you with significant benefits to your catalyst development program.

We know that your requirements are unique and diverse, and we have the resources necessary to meet those needs.  Our fully integrated custom catalyst plant features exceptional flexibility and versatility of design for rapid product development. 

We are able to complete most manufacturing steps including:

  • Wet end processing
  • Forming
  • Mixing
  • Sizing
  • Impregnating
  • Calcination

Commitment to your Future

And our relationship doesn’t end when your catalyst is delivered. We’re here to support your future needs too. We can work together on a catalyst development program in close concert with your plant and research personnel or we could work together to qualify new formulations or unique manufacturing techniques.

The Grace DAVICAT® custom catalyst development program provides the commitment to supply you with consistent quality materials throughout the life of your technology.

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