​​Breakthrough Rive Molecular Highway™ Zeolite Technology​

In June 2019,  W. R. Grace & Co. acquired the patents, intellectual property, and certain assets of Rive Technology Inc. and its breakthrough Molecular Highway™ zeolite technology. 

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Rive Molecular Highway™ technology introduces ordered, well-controlled, and hydrothermally stable zeolite mesoporosity. Rive technology represents the first and only use of ordered mesoporosity in FCC catalysts capable of providing a step change in value for many FCC operations. Over the past decade, Rive and Grace have continued to improve and extend the Molecular Highway™ catalysts portfolio. 


​FCC catalysts powered by Molecular Highway™ technology enhances feed molecules’ access to and from active catalytic sites in the zeolite. As a result, these zeolites crack larger feed molecules much more selectively than conventional active matrix materials. This allows refiners to make more of what they want and less of what they don’t.

​Typical signatures of Grace FCC catalysts with Molecular Highway™ technology include:

  • Improved bottoms upgrading,

  • Increased LPG olefinicity and octane, and

  • Decreased delta coke. 

As refiners around the world face new challenges every day, Molecular Highway™ technology offers a proven, novel approach to the design of FCC catalysts to address many of these issues.

These enhanced zeolites can be introduced into the entire range of Grace's FCC catalyst portfolio to provide an increased operating flex​ibility to the refiner. The result: enhanced diffusion of hydrocarbons both into and out of the catalyst particle. This adds options to process heavier feeds, reduce costs, circulate more catalyst, and preserve valuable products.  

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