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​​Anti-Corrosion Pigments

 ​​​Regulations around the world are driving the use of environmentally compliant anti-corrosive pigments. SHIELDEX® non-toxic heavy metal-free anti-corrosive pigments have always met today's strictest environmental requirements, and have been widely accepted as a non-toxic alternative to existing products like chrome (VI) and zinc phosphate compounds in paints and ​coatings.

SHIELDEX® pigments are:

  • Highly effective
  • Non-toxic
  • Heavy metal-free
  • Performance proven by accelerated tests and innovative natural weathering technology

​SHIELDEX® pigments have been extensively tested under various conditions, exhibiting outstanding characteristics compared to conventional pigments.

  • SHIELDEX® C 303 Pigment - 3 μm particle size, 3% Ca; special high performance grade for coil coatings, powder coatings, acid curing systems
  • SHIELDEX® AC 3 Pigment - 3 μm particle size, 6% Ca; micronized grade for wash primers, thin film systems, or 2-K-paints, for film thickness equal or less than 10 µm
  • SHIELDEX® AC 5 Pigment - 5 μm particle size, 6% Ca; standard for solvent-based and waterborne systems, for film thickness equal or greater than 20 µm

(Please note that the particle sizes given above refer to SHIELDEX® pigments in dispersion, not the dry powder)

​In addition, Grace offers hard, water-resistant coating formulations based on Lithium Polysilicate.

For more information on SHIELDEX® Anti-Corrosion Pigments please download the following brochures: