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Supplier Standards


At Grace, we strive to create value for our business partners as well as our customers, in a safe and healthy work environment in compliance with all regulatory requirements. We recognize the vital role suppliers play in helping us meet the needs of our customers, so we seek to foster healthy and mutually beneficial supplier relationships. Our goal is to be the customer of choice to our strategic suppliers.

Our robust supply chain spans a global, diverse supplier base built upon solid, long-term partnerships. Worldwide, we work with thousands of direct and indirect suppliers to help us deliver quality products, maintain our competitiveness, and manage our costs. We collaborate with our suppliers to reduce end-to-end supply chain costs through joint initiatives and open communication. We partner with suppliers who share our values for ethical and sustainable practices and who demonstrate safety, quality, reliability, and consistency in conducting business with us.

We are committed to the principles in the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the International Labor Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work as embodied by our Statement on Human Rights (Link:  This commitment extends to our suppliers.  Grace does not work with suppliers that use indentured, slave, bonded, or other forced involuntary labor and rejects corporal punishment of any kind.