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Personal Care




Silica gels have an extremely high adsorption capacity for both water-based and oil based liquids.  This characteristic makes them extremely efficient and fragrance and active ingredient carriers. Liquids can be turned into powders and silica gels have also been shown to ​​extend shelf life of finished products.

Silica gels have an extremely high adsorption capacity for both water-based and oil-based liquids. The high porosity of SYLOID® FP silicas allows them to internally adsorb from two to three times their own weight of many liquids, which can subsequently be released when exposed to heat, moisture vapor, or liquid water. This characteristic makes them useful in personal care formulations as effective carriers for fragrances, active compounds, and other ingredients. SYLOID® FP silicas can also be used to adsorb liquid ingredients and convert them into powders.

SYLOID® XDP is a new carrier designed specifically for liquisolid and lipid-based formulations. Its meso-porous, amorphous, structure with a unique morphology creates an excellent solid porous carrier for pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical formulations. Lipids are increasingly being used in cosmetic and other personal care formulations as solubilizers, adsorption enhancers and vehicles for lipid-based delivery.

Of high purity and chemically inert, ​ SYLOID® silicas comply with the latest US and EU regulations.


Syloid® FP Silica Excipients

Syloid® FP silicas are the intelligent choice for many pharmaceutical applications due their unique morphology. The combined adsorption capacity, porosity, particle size, and greater internal surface area allow it to provide several benefits simultaneously that can help minimize the number of excipients required, expedite manufacturing, and improve efficacy of the final dosage form. Syloid® FP silicas are specifically cited in numerous drug patents due to their unique properties that improve the handling, adsorption, and dissolution of many pharmaceuticals.


Syloid® XDP Silica Excipients

SYLOID® XDP silica carrier is an optimized mesoporous material engineered for transforming liquids to free flowing solids, particularly oily actives and lipid-based systems. The balance of absorption capacity, density, and release can increase API loading and desorption in liqusolid formulations and simplify the transformation of lipid based drug delivery systems and API's into free flowing powders for solid dosage forms.