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UV Blocking Agents​​


In sunscreen formulations, the pore structure and surface characteristics of SYLOID® silica enhance product properties such as skin-feel and film consistency. SYLOID® silica particles have a high level of internal porosity and significant capacity for oil absorption. Oily compounds are absorbed into the particles, reducing the tendency for the oil to be released when the particles are subject to the shear and compression forces associated with sunscreen application. Effective utilization in the product formulation can result in a "non-greasy" or "dry" feel on consumers' skin during application and use.

SYLOID® silica is made up of discreet particles instead of weak agglomerates so the silica particles will not break down into smaller components. As a result, sunscreen formulations utilizing SYLOID® silicas will have a reduced tendency for shear-thinning that can produce unacceptable variation in the film thickness of the applied product.

SYLOID® silicas can be effectively utilized in emulsions, especially in High-Sun Protection Factor (SPF) formulations comprised of a water-in-oil emulsion. Due to its internal porosity, hydrophilic surface, and fine particle size, SYLOID® silicas are effectively wetted by both oil and water, making them highly compatible with these systems.

For more information about SYLOID® silicas in suns​creen applications, contact Grace or click here to download our Technical Information Sheet on SYLOID® for Suncare Applications.