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Materials Technologies

Serving Diverse Markets with Core Expertise 

We provide materials-based specialty products for diverse applications. The Grace Materials Technologies product offering includes:


Functional additives across a broad range of specialized coatings applications:

Additives that provide matting effects for wood, coil and architectural coatings; corrosion protection for metal surfaces; desiccant or moisture adsorption protection for moisture-sensitive paints; and, to enhance media and paper quality in inkjet coatings.

Chemical Process

Adsorbents and surface modifiers for plastics, petrochemical and other broad end-use applications:

Industrial applications such as surface modifiers for thin polymer films; molecular sieve adsorbents to remove moisture from natural gases; colloidal silica used as a binder, or for chemical inertness and heat resistance; and, processing aids for the production of bio-diesel.


Processing aids and customized, high purity products for food and beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical use:

  • Consumer applications such as free-flow agent, carrier or processing aid in food and personal care products; for the purification of edible oils; stabilization of beer and other beverages; and, as an abrasive or thickening agent in toothpaste.
  • Pharmaceutical applications such as silica-based excipients and drug delivery; cGMP custom pharmaceutical intermediates for oncology and other drug therapies; and, chromatographic resin for purification in drug discovery and production.

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