How to Submit an Invoice

Reminders when submitting invoices:

Invoices must contain all information necessary to process payment. Invoices will not be processed if these do not meet the requirements listed below:

  • Invoice may not be handwritten. Handwritten invoices will not be accepted.
  • Invoice must clearly reference the applicable Grace Purchase Order (PO) number. 
  • In the absence of a Grace PO, invoice must specify your relationship manager or your Grace's contact person. 
  • Invoice must clearly show the bill-to-address as reference on the Purchase Order.
  • Invoice must correctly state the ship-to-address.
  • All scanned images must be in PDF format, black and white using 300 dpi settings.
  • PDF file attachments should only include a single invoice. Do not scan multiple invoices into one PDF file. 
It is important that we have your updated/current bank information. If you wish to update your bank information on file, you may do so by contacting your Grace Relationship manager.​​​

Invoices for the following legal entity must be submitted via e-mail to

Grace GmbH & Co. KG Dubai

Grace Refining Technologies Middle East Trading LTD