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​​SYLOID®​ Matting Agents


APS (µm)


Pore Volume

Surface Treatment

Matting Agents - Product Portfolio ​ ​ ​ ​
SYLOID® C 803​3.4-4.02.9-3.72.0none
SYLOID® C 8076.7-7.92.9-3.72.0none
SYLOID® C 8098.7-10.12.9-3.72.0none
SYLOID® C 9065.6-6.82.9-3.72.010% wax
SYLOID® C 9076.7-8.12.9-3.72.010% wax
SYLOID® C 20065.4- special organic
SYLOID® silica RAD 20054.8-5.86.0-8.0na20% special organic
SYLOID® silica RAD 21054.8-5.86.0-8.0na20% special organic
​​SYLOID® ED 2​3.9-4.7​6.0-8.5​1.8​none
​SYLOID® ED 3​5.3-6.3​6.0-8.5​1.8​​none
SYLOID® ED 58.4-10.26.0-8.51.8none
SYLOID® ED 305.0-6.06.0-8.51.810% wax
SYLOID® ED 406.2-7.66.0-8.51.810% wax
SYLOID® ED 446.5-7.92.8-3.61.810% wax
​SYLOID® ED 50​7.6-9.2​6.0-8.51.8​organic
​SYLOID® ED 80​10.1-12.7​6.0-8.5​1.8​organic
​SYLOID® W 5007.8-9.48.7-9.71.2none (55% water content)
SYLOID® W 3005.3-6.38.7-9.71.2none (55% water content)
SYLOID® 70004.2-5.22.9-3.72.010% wax
Matting Agents - Special Applications ​ ​ ​ ​
SYLOID® 162 C6.4-8.46.0-8.01.210% wax
SYLOID® ED 567.8-9.46.0-8.51.85% wax 12% polypol
SYLOID® 6217.7-10.76.0-8.01.2none
SYLOID® 62214.0-17.56.0-8.01.2none
SYLOID® 724.5-5.76.0-8.01.2none
SYLOID® 745.9-7.56.0-8.01.2none
SYLOID® 1615.4-7.06.0-8.01.210% wax
SYLOID® 2442.5-3.76.0-8.01.6none
SYLOID® AL-17.0-9.03.2-4.70.4none

Please note that the above given particle sizes refer to the particle size of the pigment in dispersion.​