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The Grace vendor management system is on the SAP Ariba® platform. All vendor onboarding, sourcing requests, contract management, and Procure to Pay initiatives will be performed on the Ariba Network with both direct and indirect vendors.  As a supplier on the Ariba network, you will receive real-time Purchase Order (PO) delivery and invoice automation.

Additional benefits include:

​​Document E​xchangeContract Management and Supplier ProfileUsage​Ariba Discover​Online Support
​Respond easily to emailed orders with electronic order confirmations, service entry sheets, or advance ship notices

Create electronic invoices and credit notes in just a few steps 

Check invoice status, payment proposals (i.e. early payment discounts), and remittance details 

Send invoice notifications with cXML and PDF invoices to be used for local archiving 

Access the SAP Ariba Supplier mobile app at no charge​

​Free access to SAP Ariba's contract management module and collaborate with buyers during the contract preparation phase

Set up your profile in the SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance solution

​No limitations on number of purchase orders or invoices transacted on Ariba Network

Unlimited Ariba Network relationships can be maintained

​Receive high quality sales leads matched to your business capabilities

Attract potential customers with your profile and get invited to sourcing events

Access to SAP Ariba’s help center for technical issues directly from your account

Setting up on Ariba

Conducting business on the Ariba Network will be required and your Purchase Orders (POs), Order Confirmations, Shipment Notices, and Invoices will be transmitted using this platform.

You can learn more about SAP Ariba by registering for a web-based supplier summit. Attendance is highly encouraged as you will have the opportunity to participate in a live Q&A with experts from both SAP Ariba and Grace.

SAP Ariba offers two access levels:

  • A free Standard account
  • A paid Enterprise account

Visit the Ariba Network Accounts and Pricing page to learn about the differences.

You can find more information on the Ariba Network Standard Account Support page or you can email


Ariba Support

For those Grace Vendors already onboard the Ariba platform, should you need assistance with Ariba support including invoices submitted through the Ariba protal, please refer to one of the following link​s. 

For Vendors enrolled on the SAP Ariba Enterprise platform:

For Vendors enrolled on the SAP Ariba Standard Platform

General Resources and Materials

For Additional Assistance registering your organization with the Grace SAP Ariba platform, you may also contact our Supplier Enablement Lead @ or for normal PO support and questions, please reach out to contacts.

Accounts Payable Support for Vendors in Transition 

When vendor and partner organizations deliver goods and services to Grace, until they are enrolled in Ariba they must submit an invoice directly to Accounts Payable.  You may submit your invoice, and you can reach our Accounts Payable department using this email address: 

Note that date of payment (or payment due date) for invoice is determined using the applicable payment term along with the date the invoice is received and receipted by Accounts Payable. If you have question related to terms in our system, please coordinate them directly with your Grace' relationship manager or your corresponding Grace' contact person.  

You will receive a confirmation email from our Accounts Payable team for every invoice you submit. It is strongly advised that you keep this email confirmation and show the same to AP when following up your payment. 

Reminders when submitting invoices:

Invoices must contain all information necessary to process payment. Invoices will not be processed if these do not meet the requirements listed below:

  • Invoice may not be handwritten. Handwritten invoices will not be accepted.
  • Invoice must clearly reference the applicable Grace Purchase Order (PO) number. 
  • In the absence of a Grace PO, invoice must specify your relationship manager or your Grace's contact person. 
  • Invoice must clearly show the bill-to-address as reference on the Purchase Order.
  • Invoice must correctly state the ship-to-address.
  • All scanned images must be in PDF format, black and white using 300 dpi settings.
  • PDF file attachments should only include a single invoice. Do not scan multiple invoices into one PDF file.  

It is important that we have your updated/current bank information. If you wish to update your bank information on file, you may do so by contacting your Grace Relationship manager.