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First Generation Biodiesel 

Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment Solutions Maximizing Productivity and Costs

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First generation biodiesel remains a prevalent biofuel used across the globe. Produced from transesterification of vegetable oils, animal fats, and used cooking oils, pre-treatment and post-treatment of first generation biodiesel is critical.

With 35 years’ experience in vegetable oil and fats purification, the Grace team understands that profitable growth in the refining industry is heavily dependent on maximizing productivity and cost efficiency of the biomass conversion process.

Clean Biodiesel Feedstock Oil

From pre-treatment of the vegetable oils and fats to the final polishing or post-treatment, Grace’s TRISYL® silica is proven technology that results in more process savings compared to clay or silicates. Our silica technology comprised of highly pure synthetic amorphous silica was developed for maximum adsorption and significantly reduces phospholipids, trace metals and animal proteins in both physical and chemical refining operations.

TRISYL® silica benefits over other adsorbents include:

  • Less total adsorbent used
  • Less spent filter cake for disposal
  • Less oil loss in pre-treatment
  • Substantially reduces the need for water washing (post-treatment)

Cost-Effective Alternative to Water Washing

The addition of TRISYL® silica to refined oils after centrifuge separation of fats and oils can enable biodiesel producers to eliminate water washing. This results in lower quantities of wastewater requiring disposal and a higher quality feedstock oil that provides:

  • Transesterification catalysts are protected, and activity is extended
  • Easier separation of biodiesel and glycerin

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