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Renewable Diesel

Improve yield and maximize service life of catalysts

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Renewable diesel – commonly referred to as green diesel or HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) – continues to grow in prevalence and demand as countries and organizations worldwide are charged with reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The airline industry is just one example of an industry taking explicit measures to leverage green diesel as pressure to decarbonize is mounting.

As more aggressive, long-term net neutral emissions policy targets continue to proliferate, countries and companies should look for organizations with expertise in feedstock pre-treatment and purification to achieve renewable diesel production targets.

Renewable Diesel Solutions from Grace

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Renewable Diesel Solutions from Grace

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Watch the video

Thanks to our century of experience in the petrochemical industry, we have the expertise renewable diesel producers need for the pre-treatment and purification of difficult-to-refine feedstock.

Pre-Treatment Expertise in Difficult-to-Refine Feedstock

Grace’s TRISYL® silica helps maximize service life of catalysts by consistently removing trace materials and impurities from difficult-to-refine feedback and helps achieve economies of scale in renewable diesel production. Unlike activated bleaching earth (ABE), TRISYL® silicas provide superior adsorption capacity for phospholipids and metals at all free fatty acid concentrations. This reduces costs on spent solids and disposal but also reduces oil lost during pre-treatment.

The Grace Difference

Grace’s global footprint enables nearby stock to customer plants in addition to local experts with superior technical aptitude. We understand how feedstock composition affects downstream performance and overall productivity.

Our equity in the FCC refining and hydrotreating industry enables our teams to work together with our customers to develop formulations that align with country-specific mandates for blending percentages, quality, and other characteristics.

With our extensive expertise in feedstock pre-treatment and hydro-processing, you can feel confident choosing Grace as your supplier. We also provide in-house economic analyses to compare multiple renewable diesel production scenarios and highlight where savings are available.

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