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PPartner Program™ Services to Improve your PP Resin Production

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Welcome to the PPartner Program™ services, where we exclusively maximize the ROI of the UNIPOL® PP process technology through benchmarking, improve polypropylene (PP) product quality, and enhance PP plant operations for our licensees.

The UNIPOL® Polypropylene technology PPartner Program™ services is a tailored, and exclusive, offering to UNIPOL® Polypropylene licensees built around sharing the insights, advancements, and best practices of the UNIPOL® PP licensed technology.

Grace’s PPartner Program™ Services

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Grace’s PPartner Program™ Services

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Watch video

Membership in the program provides access and exposure to the latest developments from Grace and the rest of the UNIPOL® PP technology community. This includes individual benchmarking assessments, grant backs of operations, engineering and resin product improvements, onsite or remote consultations, and much more.

Licensees have different needs based on their experience, market position, and core business strategy, which is why PPartner Program™ services has been structured as a tiered offering to:

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  • Provide support based on your individual requirements
  • Give you tools to evaluate new industry challenges your company faces
  • Provide resources to address your business's unique challenges
  • Focus on innovation and operational excellence
  • Provide knowledge and experience to accelerate outcomes in your strategic initiatives

UNIPOL® PP licensees receive insights and improvements to enhance plant operations, improve product quality, and maximize the ROI of their polypropylene plant. Our tiered membership offers benefits from shared insights and experiences from all UNIPOL® PP technology licensees in the program, new insights and developments from the Grace team, and personal access to Grace experts.

One of our PPartner Program™ members stated that they included all the improvements offered in 2020 and had zero downtime as a result.

Michael Marsh

Sr. Industry Marketing Manager, Polypropylene Licensing & Services

Benchmarks to Optimize your Plant:

  • Manufacturing Process Improvements: Increase onstream time, optimize plant efficiency, maximize product quality
  • Engineering Process Improvements: Increase onstream time, reduce maintenance cost
  • Product Improvements: Broaden product wheel, accelerate new product introductions, Upgrade product margin
  • Product and Process Support: Benchmarking with peers, onsite and remote consultations, reduce environmental, health and safety exposure

The estimated annual value of upgrading your operations with the PPartner Program™ improvements can be up to $1 million dollars annually or more. 

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