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UNIPOL® PP Products

Independent polypropylene technology provider delivering our best product innovations to our customers

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Providing the Broadest PP Product Catalogue in the Industry

Our material scientists and application developers work at the intersection of process technology and catalyst deployment so that our licensees can develop competitive PP resins accross broad applications.

As a polypropylene marketer, you achieve strong profitability and success when your customers are delighted with the polypropylene products you supply.

UNIPOL® PP products are produced and sold in all key markets around the world. When you license our UNIPOL® PP technology, you will be able to produce a broad product portfolio that meets your market needs.

UNIPOL® PP technology offers you the whole catalogue from unique high-margin performance products to commodity grades.

UNIPOL® PP Technology Allows Licensees to Produce the Broadest Polypropylene Product Portfolio

  • Food Packaging (49 reactor grades)
  • Consumer Applications (23 reactor grades)
  • Automotive (15 reactor grades)
  • Industrial Packaging (10 reactor grades)
  • Appliances (5 reactor grades)
  • Piping (5 reactor grades)
  • Health and Hygiene (2 reactor grades)
  • Medical (2 reactor grades)

As an independent polypropylene technology provider, we don’t compete with you in the marketplace and we give you access to our best products.

Your customers' product needs will evolve as market forces change. This makes it important for you to be responsive with your polypropylene resin product production. You gain a competitive edge by partnering with UNIPOL® PP technology to secure the broadest product application portfolio available.

You want a licensor that you can trust will provide you with the polypropylene product technology to meet your evolving needs year after year.

The broad product capability of the UNIPOL® PP technology allows our customers to use the sell-out, sell-up business model.

  • Leading products in all applications
  • Grades that enable fast market participation after startup
  • Advanced resins for higher margins
  • Product innovations to help licensees optimize product mix as market conditions change
  • On-going product development partnerships to expand product capability
  • Application experts to help troubleshoot performance issues

Read how UNIPOL® PP technology boosts impact copolymer polypropylene qualities in automotive parts

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